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A selection of our fabrics

Sale of:

* 100% natural fabrics in wool, linen, cotton, hemp in the weaves cloth binding, twill, diamond / diamond twill, herringbone, panama, etc. (e.g. for historical garments, carnival, theater, everyday life) - in many colors.

* Special sale - white wool in different thicknesses - also suitable for dyeing yourself.

* Special sale - wool panama weave in olive green

* Decorative and polyester fabrics e.g. for carnival, decorations, carnival floats, and much more.

* synthetic fabrics of all kinds (e.g. flag fabrics, decorations, etc.)

* technical fabric / fiberglass fabric

* Curtains (also in excess width)

* Cotton velvet (clothing velvet, stage velvet and upholstery velvet) SPECIAL PRICES from 15 € the Lm.


Robust cotton velvet / upholstery velvet to be sold cheaply.


60 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm 140 cm.


Gray, black, anthracite, and in green, brown, red, purple, etc.

Yarns / cones in different colors and materials.


Woolen fabric - white to dye yourself or leave it as it is - on sale

- 140 cm wide to 150 cm wide

Special sales campaign in 65795 Eddersheim.

On the last Saturday of the month from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

All wool diamond twill in Eddersheim are 50% cheaper.

Since Sigrid is clearing the warehouse - this is a one-time action.

Remaining stock - already heavily reduced - will be discounted again.

Cotton velvet in different colors and qualities - 50% cheaper.

She is currently creating more offers.

These prices are far below the production costs - mother cleans up.

"Wool and linen fabrics are ready,

take your time

and comes to Eddersheim,

to the home sweet home. "

Special item corduroy 100% cotton

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